5 Unusual Business Advertising Concepts

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Whether you have a large marketing budget or a small one, you can reach your target audience by utilizing creative and powerful business advertising ideas.

Historically, advertising has been one of the best ways for businesses to gain new customers and increase sales. If you already have some advertising ideas in place or are looking for new ones, take a look at these creative advertising ideas.

  • Promote Your Business with Digital Signage
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Make YouTube Ads
  • Create Your Own Email Newsletter
  1. Promote Your Business with Digital Signage

Digital sign advertising has exploded in the last decade. Digital signage is a controlled content distribution platform that plays on one or more LCD screens. Your digital advertisement could reach anyone passing by on their daily commute or social outing.

Digital signage screens typically display weather, news, menus, flight schedules, calendars, and advertisements. Unlike static displays, video ads capture attention faster than other media ads, leading to more impulsive purchases and increased revenue for the company.

  1. SEO Optimization

Local SEO optimization allows you to optimize your web content for local searches and increase your local prospects. SEO can help you rank higher in local searches for products similar to yours. SEO is always a good way to boost your brand’s marketing potential.

Use a free SEO tool like Yoast to do some basic keyword research and improve your search engine ranking. Increasingly, people are turning to the internet for information and business searches.

  1. Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs have evolved over time and can be a great way to reward and motivate your loyal customers to keep coming back for your products and services. The best way to make this strategy work for you is to come up with a creative and useful incentive for your clients. Make sure your rewards add value to your customers.

Many businesses use a stamp or card system to track offers like free tenth coffee. While this method is effective, you can think outside the box and use other methods such as virtual coupons instead of a physical stamp system.

  1. Make YouTube Ads

YouTube is already one of the most widely used advertising platforms globally. Based on their high viewing numbers, the highest-paid YouTube stars are making millions from advertising, proving how much exposure your company can get by creating a short video advertisement on this platform. You’d be surprised how much impact YouTube ads can have on your company.

  1. Create Your Own Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a tried and true strategy. If people on your email list signed up for your newsletter, they want to know more about you. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly with them.

Sending periodic emails will help your company retain many of its email subscribers and increase the likelihood that they will contact you when they need or want your products and services. Keep your clients engaged by being creative with your email and newsletter content.


Effective advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. This list has shown how some advertising strategies can have a big impact without a lot of money.

Try combining or separating these strategies to see which ones benefit your company the most.

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