5 Tips for Next-Generation eCommerce Marketing

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eCommerce is tremendously busy right now. As the world reopens and the pendulum swings back to brick and mortar, marketers are under pressure to make up for losses made earlier in the year. So here are the 5 essential takeaways to help you improve your marketing.

1. Present data with patience and care

Michel Guillet, Senior Product Manager at Salesloft, stressed the significance of knowing your audience. Marketing involves reporting to stakeholders, which must be made available. When creating reports, presentations, and dashboards, consider their time and skill.

Less is often more when it comes to marketing data analytics. Instead of 30 metrics in all your reports to senior management, focus on three or four critical indicators that tell a story. “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter,” Michel paraphrased Cicero.

2. Create experiences for your customers

Navah Hopkins, VP of Strategic Marketing at AdZooma and former Justuno employee, stressed the significance of personalizing the user experience. She’s seen firms fail with their messaging or UX when they didn’t spend enough time understanding their customers’ reasons.

“Consider your customer personas, use data, and create experiences you would love using. “You can succeed when you build with your customers in mind, segment into personas, and target them with the right messaging–whether it’s ads, landing pages, or emails,” Navah said.

3. To grow, invest

In his specialization of Amazon, Tom Baker, CEO of FordeBaker, avoids shortcuts for rapid wins. For example, avoid manipulating reviews. While many brands employ this to gain an immediate advantage, it might have long-term detrimental consequences.

His advise is to consider long term and expand more sustainably. “Amazon isn’t a get rich scheme,” Tom emphasized. In that case, you’ll make bad choices.

4. Consider strategic differentiation

In a congested environment like Amazon, Marketing by Emma’s Emma SchermerTamir emphasizes standing apart. As competition grows, you must find and showcase your product’s unique selling points. Even well-known brands with thousands of reviews shouldn’t feel invincible.

Companies are changing and experimenting with new strategies to obtain an advantage over their competition. “If you don’t figure out how to differentiate yourself, you’ll inevitably lose ground to those that are,” says Emma.

5. Know your customers at a basic level

Charles Chy, CEO of MindCart AI, echoed many of Navah Hopkins’ points on knowing your audience. It’s tough to scale without mastering the fundamentals.

This crucial phase in creating an eCommerce business can be achieved by mind-type analysis, A/B testing, or market research. Your messaging, strategy, and design will all center on what your customers like. So you must actually grasp what makes them tick, their motives, and their frustrations.

“All marketing starts with knowing your customer,” Charles stated. “If you take the time to learn about your clients and their interests, the results will come.”

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