How to Sort an Outlook Mailbox

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Outlook prioritizes newly received emails over all other messages. If you’d prefer to see them at the bottom so that older, unread emails receive more attention, you can rearrange your Inbox. You can also sort emails by sender or subject. This is how.

Sort an Outlook Mailbox

When you want to rearrange the emails in your Inbox, you can do so using the Microsoft Outlook filter system.

  1. Click Filter at the top of the window to open your Inbox.
  2. Click Sort.
  3. Choose a sorting option. You can sort emails by date, sender, size, importance, or subject, and you can order them so that the oldest emails appear first or the newest emails appear first.

Sort the Folder List in Outlook

The simplest way to organize your frequently used folders in Outlook is to create a favorites list.

  1. Right-click a folder on the left side of the Outlook window, where your folders are listed, and select Add to Favorites. This folder has been added to your list of favorites.
  2. Right-click a folder in your favorites list and choose either Move up the list or Move down the list. This feature allows you to create a list of your favorite folders in the order of your choice.
  3. Right-click a folder and select Remove from Favorites.

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