How To Fix A Disabled Facebook Ad Account

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Ad approval on Facebook has always been difficult.  Suddenly your entire advertising account is blocked. Your Facebook ad account gets blocked despite following all the rules and standards (or not?).Why did Facebook deactivate your ad? How can you fix it? Then how do you avoid it? These and other questions are answered later.

Why can’t you access your ads?

An advertiser may lose access to their Facebook Ads Manager account for two reasons:

  1. The advertiser’s personal account gets blocked.
  2. Personal account canceled

Facebook pauses all adverts before blocking your ad account. Your advertising will continue to run even if your personal account is deleted. Facebook keeps spending your money, yet there’s no way to go in and optimize recent efforts or pause those that aren’t working.

The worst aspect is that ad account blocking occurs without warning. One day, all of your campaigns appear to be frozen, and your company or client will no longer receive any Facebook leads or sales. If you put all your eggs in one basket and just use Facebook, the repercussions might be dire. Don’t worry, we know how to solve it.

Solutions on How to Unblock your Facebook ad account

  • If Facebook deleted your ad account, you can contact Facebook

Before you contact Facebook to explain why your account was blocked, realize that your ad expenditure isn’t a compelling argument for Facebook. Your case is not unusual for Facebook to disable accounts that have spent millions on Facebook ads.

  • Rather than ‘threaten’ the Facebook team, be patient and follow our advice

Be patient in order reclaim your suspended Facebook ad account. Maybe you were banned by accident. Algorithms, not humans, review your adverts for compliance. And they’re often wrong.

That’s why you should first contact Facebook and explains the situation. You can explain why you believe your account conformed to the policy and request a review.

Due to its size, Facebook doesn’t respond quickly. Advertisers should expect a response from Facebook between 12 hours to a few days.

Your appeal is unlikely to work if your Facebook ad account was disabled for breaking Ad Policies.

  • Open a business account

Whether your appeal has been denied or you are still waiting for a response, you may need to create a new ad account.If you can’t create a new Business Manager account, ask a colleague or friend who has admin capabilities to create one for you.

You can’t do this every time an ad account is blocked, so follow all Facebook restrictions this time.

Follow these steps to avoid a deactivated account:

  • Run ads that follow Facebook’s ad standards.
  • Don’t start campaigns right away.
  • Use a credit card not associated with a disabled ad account.
  • Don’t create too many adverts in the beginning.
  • Begin by promoting safe content.
  • Don’t switch funding sources.
  • Keep your credit card active.
  • Avoid credit card or PayPal chargebacks against Facebook.
  • Create advertising from your usual Facebook places.
  • Don’t promote bad landing pages.

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