Tips For Launching Your First Email Campaign

Here are some tips for launching your first email campaign.

1. Create emails with a specific purpose or specific offer

If you are really serious about mounting an effective campaign, then the email text must focus on the engaging of the recipients in a specific way. You will need to offer them something in exchange for them reading the email. You have to make a compelling case for accepting the offer.

Some of the offerings that you could consider making include:

1. Notice and the ability to register for an upcoming event
2. Signing up for an email newsletter
3. The Discounts on specific goods and services
4. The Announcements of new products

You may want to ask if you can include more than one offering? Yes, but it is not always the best move. One of the offers might just be lost in the shuffle. You would do well to stick with just one purpose for that email and then you can follow up with a second one that contains a different offer after a few days later.

Remember that your content must not have anything containing any element that hints of a scam. Be up front and very clear from start to the finish. You will be able to get more readers that way.

2. Write an eye-catching subject line

Can you remember the old axiom that was at the core of Toastmasters International training? That works with the email campaigns too. The “Three S” approach, these are the stand up, the speak up, and the shut up, they can translates well into this kind of campaign.

Make use of the subject line to make a point or to ask a question. Follow with information that the recipient can use in the first paragraph. Also follow with the content that backs up that information. Close with a way for you to learn more by clicking over to your own website.

That is it. Forget about the flowery phrases or trying to impress readers with a great wall of text. You need to keep it very simple and to the point. More people will want to read the whole thing and be inspired to ask for more.

3. Choose the images and the videos that are directly related to the email topic

It is fine to include the images or the embed video in your marketing emails. You just need to make sure that they accomplish more than just taking up space.

The images must be directly relating to the email topic. Unless you want to sell a new pet product, kittens are not a good choices. Make use of an image that shows the product or at least someone using it. That will create context.

The same is also true with video. Make it very short, very sweet, and also relevant. No one has the whole time to watch a video as long as a TV show. Use your video to make a quick point and let it direct the reader to the product. Do it in just less than three minutes.

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