Abandoned Cart Autoresponder

Here is an example of an abandoned cart autoresponder series
Over 75% of people have abandoned their shopping carts online. In your ecommerce store, you will notice 3 out of every 4 people who add something to their cart leave without even paying you.

That is the bad news. The good news is that, it is possible you can…

1. Get a bunch of them (10% or more than) to come back and start buying
2. You can still set up that system once – and you will start getting results from it with no extra work

What is making a cart recovery email strategy so special?

The average ecommerce email open rate is about 15%. The Abandoned cart emails is laughing in the face of that number — cos they boast at nearly about 45% open rate.

Don’t just go and abandoned your 50 carts. Because you are fed up and you want to see exactly what types of abandoned cart emails people are sending.

Once you have learn how much the abandoned carts cost you with the free abandoned cart calculator, you can begin to use these same cart abandonment solutions to start recovering up to 63% of your lost sales.

Should you start sending an automated series of abandoned cart emails?

What is an abandoned cart email?

An abandoned cart email is simply a follow-up message that is sent to someone who is leaving a website without purchasing any of the items in their online shopping cart. The Abandoned cart emails are typically sent to those people who leave the part-way through checkout, and they can recover around 10% of their lost revenue.

An abandoned cart email is just meant for the 3 (out of every 4) shoppers who is leaving a website without completing the checkout process.

The huge benefit of abandoned cart emails?

They are automated. You can start to set up a series that goes out all on its own – and then wins back revenue that would otherwise have just disappeared.

Why do people abandon their carts?

Some of the common reasons people abandon online carts include:

1. Distractions
2. They forgot
3. Price or shipping costs
4. Website issues
5. Complex checkout process
6. Return or exchange policies
7. Comparison shopping
8. Just browsing

The Email autoresponder flow example

Now, that you know the technical side of things, let us check out some of the inspirational examples that can you recover.

Here are some examples of the common email autoresponders:

1. Confirmation email

A subscription confirmation email. This email is been sent right after a user have left their email address on a website. The Marketers use this method to build up a high-quality mailing list.

2. Welcome email

A welcome email. This is an onboarding email for the new subscribers. Marketers usually send this email to give a warm welcome and to show what their brand is engaged in.

3. Birthday email

A birthday email. This is a very good chance for you to congratulate subscribers on their special day, increasing sales and also raising the customers loyalty. Brands usually create special offers and also give discounts.

You can start to register and send an email autoresponder with the SendPulse!

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