How to Use Social Media to Convert Prospects into Customers

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A social media profile helps most businesses stay connected to their customers. But many of these companies don’t know how to build a following and spend little time doing so. Some seasoned marketers may view it as a secondary channel.

Here are some ways to make sure social media is bringing in new customers.

  • Monitor Social Media
  • Match Emails to Profiles
  •  Involve Your Audience
  • Learn more

Monitor Social Media

Most social media users are looking for things to engage with, but some are actively shopping. The best way to find prospects is to use your social platform’s search function. It can sometimes provide lengthy lists. Search for your company name, competitors, industry-related hashtags, product/service type, or city if you rely on local customers. Once you’ve found good prospects, follow them, talk to them, and suggest products or links that can help.

Match Emails to Profiles

Start matching email subscribers to social media users if you have one. These emails are public, so you can get them through email services. You can also buy email software to do this. Identifying the social profiles of existing customers gives you a ready-made audience to engage with on a more personal level. You can learn more about your clients’ interests and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Involve Your Audience

That seems obvious, but few companies do it. Solicit loyalists’ aid. When they subscribe to your mailing list, ask for their social media handles. Retailers can ask for social media links on feedback cards or other forms. Fans become social champions. Ask for shares, reviews, and referrals. 75 percent of companies on social review sites have no reviews. Encourage feedback without fear!

Rewarding feedback is a great way to encourage it. When you get a good review, thank the person. You could even hold a drawing for customers who leave positive reviews within a certain time frame. Negative reviews should not be ignored. Contact them privately and publicly. In private, you can be more personal.

By publicly responding to the review (in a comment—you don’t need to write a whole post about it), you show that you care about your customers. But don’t just say, “We received your complaint and will investigate.” Instead, explain the solution and make the necessary changes. People trust you more if you respond to even negative reviews. People will respect your company more if they see you actually address concerns.

 Learn more

Social media is all about conversation, not just sharing content. You must find compelling reasons to follow your brand. Connect with other industry experts to learn more about optimizing your social media presence. You could, for example, attend marketing workshops like those offered by The Rainmaker Institute to law firms. Learning everything you can about your social media platform will help you succeed faster.

You must connect with those willing to spend. It’s about knowing where they are and what they like.

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