Three metaverse brand success strategies

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Not sure how to brand the metaverse? To get started, Coegi’s account strategy director Matt Prosperi offers three tips.

In 2022, the term “metaverse” will be as popular as “cookieless.” This is not a new topic, as it has been discussed in some capacity for several years when it comes to the increasing interest in augmented and virtual realities, social commerce, data privacy, NFTs, you name it.

The metaverse, coined in 1992, long before the Internet, is a bit confusing. It isn’t tangible or singular. All of these things combine to form a digital world which mirrors real life in some way. This was already happening before 2020, but the pandemic accelerated it. For this reason, most marketing teams have already tapped into the metaverse in some capacity. But how can marketers better use the metaverse in their marketing campaigns?

  • Make your brand accessible on owned and operated channels
  • You don’t have to know every metaverse trend
  • Constantly refocus on business goals

Make your brand accessible on owned and operated channels

Consumers are drawn to immersive experiences, which is why metaversal experiences are popular. They want to fight the dragon in the video game. They value knowing the eyeshadow color before purchasing online. Also, they value being heard in private and something that transcends age, gender, and location.

It could be a 24/7 chatbot answering product questions, a seamless social commerce experience, or a virtual dressing room where consumers can try on pants before buying them.

You don’t have to know every metaverse trend

Brands are chasing an impossible dream if they try to embrace every new digital trend. Trying to do everything builds nothing but equity (and wasting a lot of dollars in the process). Instead, understand your target market and determine what will add value to them and increase brand loyalty.

Maybe your customer doesn’t care about NFTs and won’t use crypto to buy a collectible logo. Maybe you don’t need to gamify shopping, but rather focus on a connected commerce strategy that allows them to buy wherever they want.

Instead, focus on creating the best solutions for your brand and its customers.

Constantly refocus on business goals

Many brands are reacting to headlines without a media strategy. It’s easy to do, especially when non-marketing leaders ask for your opinion on new trends. If the end goal is not top of mind, then innovation does not drive profit.

Innovation must be based on doing something new that excites or delights the consumer. That’s what spreads the word and keeps them coming back. Explore the metaverse through your customer’s eyes and find out what makes their lives better.

The metaverse will evolve. Marketers must keep up with changes while maintaining focus on business objectives. Examine if you’ve optimized your current metaverse experiences, if adopting this tactic will benefit your customers, and if it will ultimately benefit your business.

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