The Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms You Need to Know

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Programmatic advertising is a newer digital marketing and advertising technology. Despite its growing popularity and adoption, programmatic marketing is still poorly understood.

  • What is programmatic advertising?
  • How to use programmatic advertising?
  • Which programmatic advertising platforms are best?
  • Conclusion

So, what is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a data-driven, automated method of showing your brand or product to a specific target audience. Marketers and businesses can target a more targeted audience based on their demographics, location, and sales funnel position.

Marketers and brands can also use programmatic advertising to customize creatives and campaigns based on real-time data. Better results from targeted marketing.

How to use programmatic advertising?

Programmatic ads have undeniable benefits. Combining technology and data can improve campaign efficiency. Most importantly, how can you use it?

For programmatic advertising, you need to use one of the many available platforms. These programs help you buy and sell media, as well as track, analyze, and optimize your campaign. Like paid search, you can control the number of ads and when/where/how they appear. You only pay for media inventory that attracts and drives high quality leads down the sales funnel.

Which programmatic advertising platforms are best?

Choosing from the many programmatic ad tools available can be difficult. Here are some of the best platforms for reaching your target audience.

  • RocketFuel

RocketFuel, a popular DSP, was created in 2008 by Yahoo alumni. This programmatic ad platform provides a DSP. It uses AI to predict audience behavior in real-time. Its predictive marketing allows for more targeted ads. The ads are more relevant to the audience’s online habits. With the software, marketers can view all campaign data on a Data Management Platform (DMP).

  • AdRoll

Customer intelligence data is used to provide the best display targeting. The platform uses real-time online shopping data. It can predict consumer behavior and know what consumers want. AdRoll is widely used for prospecting and retargeting.

Your leads will be enticed by AdRoll’s unique intelligent software. It also collects data about your target audience and adjusts the campaign strategy to increase success.

  • DoubleClick

Brands and marketers can use Google’s DoubleClick to create, manage, and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns. It runs unrivaled solutions that collect data from multiple sources. Buyers can use this data to run highly successful campaigns across multiple channels, including television. The DoubleClick Bid Manager allows buyers to buy display media across exchanges more efficiently and effectively.

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud ensures transparency in automated ad buying. This software shows you exactly what you pay for. It simplifies the buying, monitoring, and controlling of your ads. A detailed visual report on your ad spending allows you to fine-tune your strategy.

A powerful system, Adobe’s programmatic platform can gather relevant customer insights, identify quality leads, and create unique viewer profiles based on rich data sources.

  • Kedet

Kedet is a programmatic advertising tool developed by War Room’s expert ad ops team. The software tool uses actual ad performance data to improve campaign success rates and reduce costs. The platform also provides a clear view of your digital ads. It also streamlines ad placement so you can focus on fine-tuning your campaign.


Programmatic can be very useful, but also very complex. Choosing a programmatic advertising platform can be difficult. To determine which tool is best for your company, you must first assess your current and future digital marketing needs.

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