6 Ways Video Walls Can Help Your Marketing

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As technology has advanced over the last decade, so has marketing. The digital wall is the latest technology that is slowly replacing traditional billboards. A video wall is a wall of monitors used for video or image advertising.

A video wall can play a single image across all monitors or multiple images. It should be placed in a high-traffic area. Many shopping malls, restaurants, and business centres already have it. If used properly, the video wall can be a powerful marketing tool that wows customers.

Here are 6 ways video walls can help your marketing:

  • Video Wall Offers Flexibility
  • Video Wall Offers Portability
  • Boost Ads With Full-Screen Visuals
  • Video Wall Ads Are Inconspicuous
  • Data Acquisition with Video Wall
  • Video Wall Will Save You Money
  1. Video Wall Offers Flexibility

The video wall is a new digital marketing trend. Traditional marketing methods lack flexibility. With a single click, you can adapt to changes. Imagine the time, effort, and cost of changing and reprinting banners.

With a video wall, you can update content frequently and keep your target audience engaged. Using this technique in your marketing will keep current customers interested and attract new ones.

  1. Video Wall Offers Portability

A buyer persona helps digital marketers target the right audience and execute campaigns efficiently. The target location is an important factor when creating a persona. The target audience may be present in one or more areas. These locations may shift over time.

Video walls are more mobile than traditional billboards. You can erect it one day and use it the next day in another part of town. Optimised portability can boost your marketing efforts.

  1. Boost Ads With Full-Screen Visuals

The giant video wall can captivate and wow your audience. Many businesses make the mistake of using a 16:9 ratio for the wall, which the viewers subconsciously perceive as a big TV.

With video wall, you can use wide-ratios like 32:9 or 24:9 to surprise them. Your ad can also be displayed on a vertical wall of screens. Use high-quality, high-resolution content and customize it to the wall alignment.

  1. Video Wall Ads Are Inconspicuous

Digital video advertising peaked in the last two years. While these ads have their uses and benefits, many people find them obtrusive. During commercials, most of us flee for the snack. Did you know that Facebook has rolled out an update to reduce the frequency of ads on the site?

So how can we use videos effectively without being obnoxious? The video wall can help. The video wall ads are big and captivating, but they do not invade the audience’s personal space. Showcase your videos without annoying your viewers!

  1. Data Acquisition with Video Wall

One of the most significant benefits of video walls is the use of digital signage to collect data. With the right software, you can track who visits the wall and evaluate the ad’s effectiveness.

The data you collect will help you create ads that are more likely to attract new customers. The traditional method cannot collect such data.

  1. Video Wall Will Save You Money

Banners and billboards are costly. These boards must also be replaced regularly as they wear out. TV and radio ads are also costly. Compared to other methods, video wall ads are cheaper. A video wall can be durable.

Even when used 24 hours a day, an LCD monitor has a ten year lifespan. You can create new video ads while keeping the old ones running for as long as the campaign requires. Contrary to traditional ads, video wall ads can keep your marketing campaign running non-stop.

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