The Ultimate Guide to Writing Effective SMS Marketing Messages

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Since its invention, the mobile phone has been a basic human need. Mobile phone services define our daily lives. It’s difficult to conceive of a world without mobile phones.

As a result, mobile phone services such as SMS are now being used as effective marketing tools by businesses and organizations.

SMS is used because it facilitates conversation and response, and 98 percent of recipients will open your messages. Regrettably, the majority of people are unaware of how to write SMS marketing messages. The following are the most important tips for writing effective SMS marketing messages.

  • Write in a Professional Tone
  • Take Length into Account
  • Include All Specifications
  • Keep the audience in mind
  • Incorporate a Personal Touch
  • Incorporate a call-to-action

Write in a Professional Tone

SMS marketing is intended to add value and foster a meaningful relationship between you and your customers. Maintain a professional demeanor when writing text messages. Avoid using CAPS in all of your texts; however, highlighting specific keywords is acceptable; however, excessive highlighting may be misinterpreted as yelling. Avoid abbreviations that could be interpreted as spam and appear informal. Utilize a formal language that is consistent with your brand.

Take Length into Account

When writing an SMS marketing message, keep it brief but precise. The recipient should be able to obtain the maximum amount of information in less than 160 characters. Concise messages capture the recipient’s attention and motivate them to act on your call to action.

Include All Specifications

According to SMS mobile marketing statistics, text messages are more likely to be opened than any other type of mobile communication. To make the most of SMS, ensure that you include all pertinent information in your text, as it is one of the most effective marketing tools available. Always include your name or the name of your brand in the message. Clarify the purpose of the product you’re marketing, while also instilling a sense of urgency.

Keep the audience in mind

The conversation becomes more animated when it is tailored to a specific group rather than a broad audience. Identifying the target market is critical because it assists in separating recipients who may find the message relevant from those who may not.

Incorporate a Personal Touch

Using the recipient’s name in the SMS is the most effective way to increase brand awareness. It helps them recognize that the text is about them, and they are much more likely to open it quickly than they are with an unpersonalized SMS. Personalizing your message will help the recipient feel valued.

Incorporate a call-to-action

By including call-to-action buttons in your SMS, you can promote conversation. It enables your recipient to take advantage of any promotional offers contained in your text.

To summarize, proofread and revise your texts thoroughly before sending them to clients. After you’ve written the SMS successfully, double-check the timing. Avoid popular commute times, when many people are unable to read messages.

SMS marketing is critical for any business’s success. It is more effective and has a higher rate of engagement than any other marketing tool. Anyone looking to spread the word about their business should consider SMS Marketing Messages.

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