11 Tips for improving the subject lines of your emails

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Here are 11 email subject line hacks you can use to improve your email subject lines.

  • Customize subject lines
  • Making subject and copy work together
  • Exude urgency
  • Use only five words or less
  • Using of announcements and invitations
  • Get attention with “thank you.”
  • Addressing of audience directly
  • Make use of your “From” name
  • Use of alliteration
  • Testing of multiple topics
  • Conveying a sense of action
  1. Customize subject lines

Personalizing subject lines makes subscribers feel like the email was created just for them. According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

  1. Making subject and copy work together

Most email clients display a message text preview below the subject line. This could be longer (about 8 to 12 words).

Your subject line is your email’s “implied promise,” so make sure your body copy delivers on that promise. Many people mix up the preview text and the subject line, but we recommend keeping them separate.

  1. Exude urgency

You don’t want people to skim over your subject line. Consider using words like “urgent” and “breaking,” which are considered the most potent time-sensitive words, followed by “important” and “alert.”

  1. Use only five words or less

How long should email subject lines be? Almost half of emails are opened on mobile, limiting character count. Keep it to around 50 characters and no more than five words. Users can now see the entire message and act faster.

  1. Using of announcements and invitations

“Announcement” and “you’re invited” both increase open rates. You don’t have to lie to send an “invitation.” An “invitation” could be for a webinar or a white paper only for subscribers.

  1. Get attention with “thank you.”

Thank you is a striking two-word combination for any email subject line. In a world where connections matter, it implies a meaningful, even reciprocal relationship between your brand and email subscribers.

  1. Addressing of audience directly

If your email list is properly segmented, this is a simple way to win big. Directly addressing a specific audience is a great way to get them to open your email.

  1. Make use of your “From” name

Emails from individuals are more likely to be opened than emails from businesses. This increases the likelihood of your email being read. But make sure your subscribers know your name.

  1. Use of alliteration

Alliteration is a literary device that has been used for centuries to make a message memorable. A little alliteration can help break up a crowded email box. It’s not required on every word in a subject line.

  1. Testing of multiple topics

Most subject lines are single-topic, so non-interested users will quickly move on. Combining subject lines can increase open rates. With two or three of the user’s top purchase categories listed, the retailer only needs one “winner” per message.

  1. Conveying a sense of action

Verbs express what a person, place, or thing can do. They not only sound more active, but they also imply a call to action. Without it, most web users will not convert, even if the action is obvious.

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