Email Marketing, Still The Best Marketing Channel

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The Digital marketing has currently seen a dramatic transformation over the past years, and there is currently a common misconception the email marketing that it is not as effective as it used to be then. Some have a believe that the modern email marketing recipients, inundated with spam and low-value content, also ignore their messages more often than they manage to open them. While the spam bothers majority of email users, the reality still remains that email is still the most powerful form of digital marketing.

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Social media surely arguably the most influential innovation in the recent years, and has got billions of people all over the all wide world logged into at least one of these social media platform every day. The surge that the social media make use of has encouraged businesses to start establishing the presences on these sites to engage with their customers and their potential customers in some more meaningful ways. Social media marketing can be indeed and has been tremendously very successful for some companies, but it is a mistake to start believing that it is the best avenue for you to reach your customer base.

Email Marketing – Which is The King of Marketing Channel

Findings from the Statista indicate that there are almost four billion email users in the world today. Campaign Monitor research also reported that about 72% of people would rather receive their marketing materials from brands via their email while only 17% are reported they would prefer that same content through the social media. 39% are reported that they still prefer email content that is rich in information and rich in value rather than promotional.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA ENCOURAGES MORE RELAXED INTERACTIONS. Many users today enjoy browsing photos, browsing videos, and other content from their friends and family while others make use of it to keep track of the latest news. Social media mainly encourages exploration, the clicking through of stories and the comments and participating in conversations. Most of the users generally consider promotional materials to be interruptive or to be annoying during social media sessions.

The only metric in which the social media marketing can outperforms email is the sharing. Social media hinges on making the connections and the spreadings of content via multiple feeds, thus reaching more and more potential conversion. While the average person is likely more to share content through their social media than to start forwarding a marketing email, the value the person receives from an email marketing message will possibly outshine the social media engagement with a brand.

Email Marketing Trends

Findings from the OptinMonster studies has reported that 58% of people check their email first during any time of the day before anything else, including social media profiles and their app notifications.

The People that do check their email before checking any other digital communication outlook are thought to be generally more goal-oriented than the people who just look to social media before anything else. They want to get the best deals, best promotions, and information that is available. 91% of consumers surveyed reported that they check their email at least once in a day.

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