7 Tested Ways to Use Your eCommerce Blog to Capture Leads

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Creating an eCommerce blog is one of the top three strategies to increase brand awareness online, organic traffic, and SEO.

Your eCommerce platform can generate new leads, educate customers, and most importantly, collect leads for future transactions.

How do I use my eCommerce blog to grab leads? Here are eight tried and true techniques to leverage your eCommerce blog to capture leads:

1. Promote New Products on Your eCommerce Blog

Show off new products on your eCommerce blog. Show visitors what to expect before or on launch day, and why they should add your new product to their cart.

You can even ask an influencer to write a blog article about your product, even if the buyer sees it months or years afterwards. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Use eCommerce blog to improve SEO

How crucial is SEO to your eCommerce store? Your content and items can be found via SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your landing pages or product images’ alt text can help, but only if your competitors are doing the same thing.

By using an eCommerce blog, you may not only include more keywords but also more SEO material, increasing your chances of ranking on the first page of Google. After all, being on the first page of Google is the SEO holy grail.

3. Use Your Ecommerce Blog to Promote Your Brand

Use your eCommerce blog to share important news or brand updates with your customers. When people see your brand winning online or offline, they know your products are in demand and boost sales.

So, who doesn’t want to buy from an eCommerce company that’s mentioned in a top publication?

4. Make Use of Your eCommerce Blog to Share a Lead Magnet

Depending on the things you sell, you can utilize your eCommerce blog to share a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is the bait you use to entice people to fill out your form. One example of a lead magnet is a free checklist!

5. Educate Your Customers With Your eCommerce Blog

According to ThinkwithGoogle, 63% of purchasing starts online, and 53% of shoppers study before buying to ensure they are making the best possible purchase.

Today’s smart shoppers do their homework before making a purchase. Instead of letting customers search the internet for information, utilize your eCommerce blog to build a knowledge base about your brand, products, and how they address problems.

6. Upsell on Your eCommerce Blog with Product Recommendations

Use your eCommerce blog to upsell products while clients are reading. Making sure a consumer leaves empty-handed or pushing them to buy more is upselling.

Shopify has dozens of upselling tools to help you increase sales. As an alternative to investing in those apps, simply include a product recommendation section in each post.

You may also use in-line links to smoothly upsell products. This is less pushy and benefits your blog and items’ SEO efforts.

7. Share Your Brand Story on Your eCommerce Blog

Involve your customers in your brand story. Share more than just the about page and start sharing more about the work your brand makes to give the quality and items on your site.

Fourth Source discovered that storytelling can increase conversions. According to study, individuals who like a brand’s story are more inclined to buy it in the future, share it, and buy it immediately.

The more you convey your brand’s beliefs and craftsmanship, the more invested purchasers will be. It is a brand that educates readers on how to preserve the lifestyle it promotes.

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