Email service providers

Email service providers provide all of the necessary tools for creating, sending, and monitoring email marketing campaigns.

However, before selecting an email service provider, it is necessary to understand what they perform and what services you should seek.

A typical email service provider would feature email templates, a mechanism to manage your subscriber list, a simple setup process for delivering your emails, and metrics on the performance of your campaign.

Prior to selecting an email service provider, you should conduct due diligence to ensure they provide all of the features you desire and require for your campaign.

The following are a few of our preferred email service providers:


MyEmailFX is WebFX’s in-house email marketing tool.

They provide clients with a simplified, convenient, and user-friendly platform. Making it an excellent choice for any business wishing to implement an email marketing campaign.

You may build and personalize everything from your content to the style of your emails. You can also send them to segmented lists within your target demographic.

Likewise, it has real-time reporting that enables you to observe who opens each email and what actions they do after reading it.

MyEmailFX enables you to establish drip email campaigns, which is beneficial when you want to create a schedule for sending emails to your contact list automatically.


MailChimp is an easy-to-use tool for creating basic, customisable email newsletters.

It makes it simple for ecommerce businesses to share their products via email, and it integrates with Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce.

The platform integrates Facebook advertising, marketing automation, and reporting to help you analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


Litmus is another email service provider. It has a variety of features that enables you to eliminate technical mistakes in your campaigns. You can also send customized information to your subscribers.

Likewise, Litmus enables you to test your emails on over 70 different apps and devices with a single click. In which it can save you significant time during the analytics stage by assisting you in swiftly identifying issues.

It identifies issues that could set your email campaign back, such as missing links or a lengthy load time.

The tool allows you to observe which emails are opened. You can also observe the user’s location at the time of the opening, and even the device used to open them.

Finally, they offer email analytics that display information such as open rate, forwards, and the number of times an email was printed.


Zoho is another A/B testing platform. It enables you to send different emails to your audience in order to discover the most effective text and style.

You can test subject lines, email content, and more, and then receive reports on the success of each email. This allows you to pinpoint the precise mix of elements that works best.

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