Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact has become a popular email marketing and small business software platform. The company serves over 500,000 small businesses and provides them with everything they need to grow online. Constant Contact’s email marketing services include industry-leading features and an intuitive interface that anyone can use.

Features and Functionality

1. Drag and drop editor

Constant Contact offers a variety of sophisticated templates that you can easily edit to create campaigns and newsletter designs quickly. They even add seasonal templates throughout the year, allowing businesses to send visually appealing emails for occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Users can create newsletters that are in line to their specific requirements.

The templates are extremely easy to edit via a drag-and-drop interface, making the process intuitive and without a steep learning curve. Users can view a preview of their email or newsletter at any point on computers or mobile devices to get a better idea of how it will appear to their target audience.

2. Personalized autoresponder

The autoresponder enables users to create personalized emails and establish stronger long-term relationships with their subscribers. You can send birthday emails, personalized welcome emails, and emails commemorating customer milestones, among other types of emails. It is available exclusively as part of the Email Plus package, and includes video tutorials on how to set up a series of automated emails for your contact list.

3. Contact management

While this is a basic feature that is typically included with all email marketing tools, it is worth mentioning. The user’s involvement in list management is minimal. Simply upload the emails via Excel, Gmail, or Outlook, and Constant Contact will handle the rest. This includes unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails, all of which are automatically updated on a regular basis.

4. Real-time reports

Another common feature, but a critical one, Constant Contact provides real-time reports for all campaigns. The reports are simple to read and are presented in graphs and numbers, which is an excellent way to quickly assess the performance of a campaign without delving into the numbers.

5. Surveys

This is an exclusive feature available only with the Email Plus package. It enables you to send surveys to your contacts and track their responses in real-time reports.

6. Donations

Online donations are another unique feature of the Email Plus package. This is an excellent way for non-profit organizations to raise awareness and solicit support from subscribers. Any email can be customized with a “Donation” button, and a responsive landing page can be created with secure payment processing and real-time reporting to track donations.

7. Templates

ConstantContact offers easily editable templates to help you increase engagement with each newsletter or email you send. They system optimizes email click-through rates by utilizing action blocks. Additionally, you can include one-click calls-to-action to increase engagement.

8. Ease of Use

The interface is intuitive, with a top-level menu for campaigns, contacts, reporting, forms, library, and integrations, as well as side sub-menus for each. Each screen features very clear buttons that make it simple for users to understand what they needs to do next.  The fundamentals are completely self-explanatory, and anyone, with or without prior experience in email marketing, can upload contacts and send their first campaign in minutes.

9. Customer support

The site features an excellent knowledge center that includes video tutorials, frequently asked questions, and an online community forum. If you require assistance from the company, you can reach them via phone or live chat 24 hours a day. Users can enroll in a live, 30-minute webinar to learn how to set up their account and receive assistance from a Constant Contact Email Marketing expert. Additionally, Constant Contact offers a community forum where users can receive detailed, specific feedback from more seasoned users. “Critique My Campaign” is a feature that allows users to submit their email newsletter designs for review and feedback prior to sending them to their newsletter subscribers.

Final Word

Constant Contact is an excellent solution for businesses of any size, thanks to its advanced features and integrations. It is especially popular with small businesses due to its ease of use and management. And the fact that it does not require users to be email marketing experts. While some features are more advanced and require viewing video tutorials or contacting the company for assistance, it is an incredibly intuitive email marketing tool in general.

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