The Digital Marketers Available Now Are Mostly freelancers

Technology, the digital marketing and the design workers have been the freelancers mostly in the demand in the past 12 months.

Market Data Calculation

This finding is according to a study that was carried out by an online jobs marketplace People-Per-Hour. Which they analyzed the data from about 15,000 freelancers in the timeframe. The displayed results showed that most people in demand for freelancing jobs are mainly in technology. In the digital marketing, and in design with an increase in projects for the freelancers. With a strong marketing, a technical skills or the programming expertise.

The web developers made up of about 21% of the demand, then followed by the content writers that made about (13%). Followed by the graphic designers that made about (11%). Then the SEO specialists made about 8%, also the mobile app developers followed the SEO specialist with (3%). And finally the social media managers made about (3%).

With estimation and calculations, there are thought to be about 2.2 million freelancers only in the UK and this number has continued to increase. Making it a potentially lucrative option for many of the professionals. As either their main job or their side-hustle, or both a main job and also as their side-hustle. With so many self-employed workers seriously making a living in the gig economy. And a growing number of different companies opting for the freelance resources to be more efficient and to save on costs. There is a really high demand for the freelance skills.


The Xenios, who is the founder & the CEO of PeoplePerHour, commented: During the past 12 months, every aspect of a normal life has really turned a new leaf. From how you do your shopping, to how you are running your business.

Those businesses that are just in small form and also the self-employed(personal business) included. Have been one of the main hardest-hit sectors around. With this small business and self employed sector having the less government power support than those ones who are in the full time employment. But whilst some industries have really thrived and have seen bigger profits than they have ever imagined. Other sectors have been really hit.

The Xenios noted that many of the businesses have had to adapt and to move online requiring some specific skills and competencies. At a given point in time which makes the using of freelancers particularly attractive for so many companies.

While speaking about this he added that. “At the same time, many of the so called freelancing skills of different fields like that of the photography. And that of the events management have had to prepare themselves. And also upskill themselves so to diversify their package.”

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