The Reflect Digital acquires Am marketing

The acquisition is following the successful partnership of the two agencies over the last couple of months. Say about 18 months ago, in which they have been together. And worked together across the paid media clients and the referred business in both directions.

The movement is just part of the ongoing growth plan is at the Reflect Digital. As well as the wider Lab Group too. And will be providing the Am Marketing clients giving them a broader range of services to help them fuel their own business objectives. And also growth plans further.


Marketing Success

The team that is at the Am Marketing will integrate into the Reflect Digital’s paid media team. Helping to cover the traditional PPC, the display advertising, the paid social and the YouTube to name just a few.

Becky Simms, who is the founder and the chief executive of the Reflect Digital, spoke: We have known, and we have also admired, the Am Marketing for many years. Looking at the success that they have generated for so many of their clients through the paid media.

This is a huge opportunity for the Reflect Digital to continue still in the growth and development of the paid media team. With some of their fantastic clients that will be feeling right at home and will be benefiting from being surrounded by a wider digital skillset.


Amy Hopper, who is the chief executive at the Am Marketing, said: ”I am very proud of the Am Marketing and I am also very proud of everything we have achieved in the past eight years.

These has made us really proud even now we more proud that we are a part of the success of the Reflect Digital family. And to also to be bringing our expertise to join their incredible team.

The Reflect Digital also shares all of the same core values that we hold at the Am. They genuinely care about all their clients and care about the people.

They are not just the regularly name on the national marketing award winner lists. But they are also massively paving the way in the areas of the mental health, the work and life balance, the areas of women in business and even the digital wellbeing.

The Reflect Digital was acquired by the Lab Group in the year 2019. The group was selected and it is made up of a team of specialist agencies that includes the Raised by the Wolves, the Riverr, the Studio Blup and the Verj. Which are all united by their unique blend of creativity, their behavioral science and technology to deliver some new approaches. The lasting emotional impact and the tangible results.

We are always want to get better. So we are hunting for those talented agencies so that we can have a collaboration with. So to expand and to strengthen what we offer. And the Lab Group remains acquisitive across a number of different key areas.

It has never been of much importance to us making our self become visible online just for our clients. So it is the ideal time for us to bolster our search expertise with an established fruitful partnership.

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