Other Means of Facebook Business

Facebook photo post

Generally speaking, the photo posts gets much higher engagement than the text posts. An eye-catching photo (or illustration or infographic, any of it) is a great way for you to catch the the attention of your potential customer that is just scrolling through their news feed.

Particularly for the product focused businesses, the photos that are showing the goods in action can be very effective. For instance, carb lovers, might be stopped in their tracks as they scroll through by these photos of The Soap Dispensary’s bread baskets featuring the yummy sourdough loaves. Wow! Breathtaking!

And you really do not need to worry if you are not a professional photographer or you are selling something difficult to capture in an image: the stock photos are here to help save the day. (In fact, here we have 25 free stock photo sites that you can check out! Just make sure that you fully understand the basics of image copyright before you can start posting.)

Facebook Video Post

To count, Video posts gets even higher engagement rates than that of photo posts. Whether it is for a short and sweet video announcement or even a longer video, artfully shot video that comes with narrative, video can be very compelling.

The Vox posts its “explainer videos” right into its feed so that users can be soaked up all in the intel right there on the Facebook, and they can easily comment, and react or even repost to their feeds.

On the Facebook, you will discover that video plays automatically in the news feed, so you are all but guaranteed to catch your users’ attention. This is the perfect trap!

Facebook Live video post

If pre-recorded videos are not your kind of thing, you can try dabbling with Live.

The Facebook Live video is simply a live streamed broadcast, that is right on your Facebook Page. This medium is very popular in spring 2020, the Facebook Live viewership had an increase by 50%.

The Live video is an intimate, and an authentic way that you can connect with followers. These broadcasts can also be used for Q&As, for behind the scenes tours, for product demos and lots more.

Linked Content Post (aka link posts)

A link post is a post that is able to share a URL with your followers. You just need to paste a link into the composition box, and then a preview of the website will be automatically previewed.

It is possible for you to share a link to your website, but you could share content also from other sources, example like an interesting think piece maybe about your industry. Whatever the content is, you should make sure to add a few words of your own to your post before you tap on the Publish, doing this will give your readers some context or a takeaway.

One more thing you should keep in mind: link posts gets more engagement than the plain text posts, but considerably the engagement it gets is less than photos or videos.

Facebook Stories

Just like that of the Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are just photo or a short video posts in a vertical format that will disappear after 24 hours. The maximum for Photos to appear is just five seconds, and for videos it can be up to 20 seconds long.

The Facebook Stories lives at the top of your News Feed — which means that they are immune to the Facebook algorithm. This might be the why more than half a billion people view the Facebook Stories every day.

This Story from the 60 Second Docs, for an instance, is here today, and gone tomorrow but of a certain gives us an intriguing “sneak peek” of the content they present in the meantime.

Pinned post

A pinned post is said to be any regular Facebook post that stays put and doesn’t go at the top of your Page. This ensures that the first thing people view when they visit your Page.

Once you have created the post itself, whether it is a text post, a poll or a video post you just have to tap on the three dots located on the right hand corner. You will see the option to “pin post.” You can tell or give the time rate when a post is pinned because it say “Pinned post” right above it.

Domestika pinned post

You can make use of this feature to make sure that important news or great content do not get lost in the shuffle. It is your chance now to show your potential followers exactly why they should like your Page.

You can also change your Pinned post whenever you will like.

Facebook Watch Party

The Watch Parties are a way that you can screen a public video on your Facebook in real time, so you and your Fans and your Followers can experience it together.

This is a great method to build a buzz for your new product launch, or a world premiere of a new music video, by you making a standard video into an event.

This tips should be good enough for you!

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