Time To Update Your Social Media Strategy

1. You Are Not Having An Interaction With Followers

Do you post your content without really paying any or less attention to what the people have to say about it? If so, then you are taking the “social” out of the social media. It is very important for you to interact with fans and with your customers via your channels. It is a good way for you to get feedback, to get address complaints, and see what you are doing right.

2. You Are Being Too Spammy

The age of sales talk is now slowly dying down on the internet. Today’s internet is more of a conduit for the conversation and the information than anything else. Go over and view the last few things that you have shared on your social media accounts. If you are sounding more like a robot or like a telemarketer than an accessible human being, then it is time for you to figure out how you can better relate to your audience.

3. You Are Not Managing The Interaction

Should any unacceptable behavior or any language at all make its way onto your business page, you should try and consider laying down some house rules. Also create a document that clearly spells out the disruptive behavior—such as any inflammatory posts and any spamming—and also make it accessible to everyone who is interacting on your social sites or your blog. If anyone breaks any of the rules that you have set down, you can either give them a warning or you can just block them from your pages altogether.

4. You Are Wasting Too Much Time Posting Updates

For you to start updating each of your social networks one at a time can be very tedious. If you are still posting some updates one at a time, now you need to consider simplifying the process with a scheduling tool like the HootSuite. This program gives you the opportunity to monitor multiple Twitter and multiple Facebook accounts and pages from the same interface, and even it lets you to schedule your posts and also your tweets ahead of time.

5. You Are Not Being Original

Anyone can share, anybody can retweet, and rehash news that they have read elsewhere, but do you have anything that originally yours that you can say to your audience? Sure, doing the retweeting and the sharing of valuable information is a great idea, but you should not forget to also take time to create and share your original content. If you have any need of help in the content creation area, you can just hire an outside help. A professional writer, a photographer, or a social media consultant can be of great help to you helping you to create original, sharable content for your online communities.

If any of the above stated applies to you, then do not worry. You are not alone. As mentioned before, the social media moves very fast, and it can also be hard to keep up. Every business should take a look at their strategy every few months so to make sure it is still working for them. No matter what it is, there is always room for your improvement.

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