Email Account and Service Providers To Consider (Best For Free)

You will need it for networking, for job recruitment, for downloading resources, for transferring files, for setting reminders, for meeting with colleagues, and for so much more.

Even with the latest rise of office chat platforms right now, you still depend on the email for a surprising number of things. But unfortunately, it is not every email service that is completely free. And even the free email services might not be the easiest to make use of or have all the features that you need. These are 4 email services that are free and among the best.

1) GMX

The GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is one of the best email service provider available that offers a feature of advertising. Users may ba able to access GMX Mail via the webmail POP3 and the IMAP4 protocols.


1. It provides attachment that is up to 50 MB.
2. It has the drag and drops functionality to help manage your schedule.
3. GMX contains an online address book, which allows you to keep track of all your contacts.
4. It also has strong email filter Rules that help you to keep your inbox clean.

2) Yandex

The Yandex.Mail is known to be a smart and secure email service provider. You can make use of it on your Android devices. It is one of the best available email service that offers you to change the appearance of the mailbox that will suit your mood.


1. It enables you to put your messages on a timer so that you can write them in advance and then send them at the right timer.
2. It checks all the Mail for viruses and it stores suspicious messages into the spam folder.
3. It Protects against spam and against fraud.
4. It allows you to have access over all the Yandex services with one account.

3) Mail

The Mail allows you to select from 200 domains while you are creating an email address. You can select an area that fits their profession, their personality, location, or their lifestyle. This personalization of email address will work or serve as identification of a specific person.


1. It provides free email services and also provides unlimited email storage.
2. It has an antivirus tool that protects your emails from any form of viruses.
3. It also provides a convenient way for you to access your Mail via smartphone.

4) Tutanota

The Tutanota is an open-source and it is also a secure email service. You can get free email sign up and you can also use the encrypted emails on all devices with mobile apps email client and the desktop clients.


1. It provides free email services without any Ads.
2. It has an encrypted calendar just for security purpose.
3. It enables you to send free secure emails to anybody without any hassle.
4. It offers you also a free Secure Email without any Ads

Some of The Best Free Email Account and Service Providers Available

The (ESP) which fully means The Email Service Provider is know as a provider that offers services to help send and to receive emails. Any good Email Service Provider will help you when you are building your email templates, when you are managing your contact lists, and when you are sending and tracking your campaigns on a larger scale. Most of the email account providers that are available today are free but some of their premium features may be charged.

1) The Gmail

The Gmail is a free email account service that is managed by Google. It gives you the ability to send and receive emails. You can also access the Gmail by using a third-party programs that synchronize email details through the IMAP or POP.


1. This is one of the best free email service that provides you with nudges that help you to follow up and respond to messages.
2. You can view attachments, the snooze messages, and the open attachment without opening the emails.
3. It also allows you to join Hangouts Meet chat or to make video call with others from your inbox.
4. Gmail automatically blocks phishing emails.

2) iCloud Mail

The ICloud Mail is an email service that is operated by Apple. It can be used mainly with the Mail app on your Mac computer, your iOS device or when using the MS Outlook on a computer having a Windows operating system.


1. It is known as one of the best email providers that allows you to access the IMAP.
2. It finds new messages automatically and put them in the inbox.
3. The ICloud Mail automatically loads HTML images.

3) Yahoo! Mail

The Yahoo! Mail is an email service that was provided by an American parent company Yahoo!. It offers you an easy signup process and offers a free email account with massive storage, i.e., 1 TB.


1. The Yahoo Mail allows you to customize your inbox by selecting themes.
2. Users can search email simply by keyword, the date, or the contact.
3. It is one of the best free email service that offers you to use the animated GIFs to show your feelings.
4. The Yahoo Mail mobile app makes it easy for you to manage your emails while you are traveling.

4) AOL Mail

The AOL Mail is a web-based free email account service that is provided by the division of Verizon Communications, AOL. It has a pretty simple account interface and the mobile application for accessing of inbox without any interruption.


1. It helps you to manage your AOL calendar.
2. It is known as one of the best email providers that enables you to customize your list view of emails.
3. The AOL Mail allows the organizing of your emails in a better way.
4. It also has a customized panel so that you can be able to focus on your work.

The Best Free Email Account and Service Providers To Consider

An Email Service Provider (ESP) is one that offers services to send and to receive emails. Good ESP helps you when you are building email templates, when managing your contact lists, and when you are sending and tracking your campaigns on a larger scale. Most of the email account providers available are free but some of their premium features may be charged.

We have listed some of the free email providers with popular features.

1) ProtonMail

The ProtonMail is an open source and it is also a secure email service that is offered by the MIT scientists and the CERN. It is protected by the Swiss privacy law. It has an easy to use secure email service, that have an end to end encryption.


1. There’s no personal information that is required in order to create an email account.
2. It can be easily accessed on any device without even installing the software.
3. You can send and receive emails that are secured with end-to-end encryption.
4. There’s no personal information that is needed for you to create your secure email account
5. The ProtonMail is optimized to help you better organize read, as well as to also send an email.

2) The Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is browser-based email service provider. You can find it in the Exchange Server, the Exchange Online, and the Office 365. It helps you to become productive and to connect yourself when you are at home and also on the go.


1. It offers enterprise-grade security.
2. The Outlook has a built-in calendar in it that enables you to schedule and to manage meetings or events.
3. You can possibly see information about contact when you hover over its name.
4. It provides you with an easy way to find people, messages, and the documents in email.

3) The Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the known to be the most secure and it also add free email hosting service tailor-made just for your company’s communication needs. It is clean and also very fast and it offers protection against any kind of fake emails.


1. It has a control panel from where the admin can make some certain changes in the settings and also make customization.
2. It follows the e-Discovery process that will help you to discover your emails quickly.
3. Also it allows you to add comments in the email threads, the share files, the manage tasks, and the tag your organization team.
4. You can be able to integrate with the Zoho CRM (Customer Relation Management) to manage your sales.

4) The HubSpot

The HubSpot is a tool that is helpful to you in creating and sending of emails without IT or designer. It has got a drag and drop editor that enables you to make a customize of your mail. This application has a stand-by ready to use templates that can be used as per your need.


1. It allows you the possibility to deliver personalized emails.
2. You can send your mails with the privacy and data protection.
3. It allows you the ability to modify email content with ease.
4. This application also allows you to send emails from the CRM.
5. It has the function to automatically reply to emails.

Best Email Marketing Tips Advantage

Some of your recipients may find your blog valuable, but they won’t pay much attention to your promotional offers. While others will just want to take advantage of offered deals and then they won’t bother reading your blog much. The first group would benefit from your updates on your new blog posts. The second group likely would prefer to receive coupons and the promotional offers, instead.

Best Email Marketing Tips

If you really want to take advantage of the future of the email marketing, there are just a few ideas that you can implement now. These tips are as follows:

Optimizing Post-Purchase Emailing

Most of the e-commerce platforms will automatically send the post-purchase emails. They usually contain the receipt and the tracking information for customers. But you can also take this further using it to enhance your customers’ experience. Instead of the normal generic “thank you for your business” email, you can craft a nice post-purchase emails. Email that can generate more engagement. And likewise, that increase the chances of a customer coming back to do business with you again. For example, you could just sincerely thank them for their purchase. Then you can recommend other products or services they might find interesting and valuable based on that purchase. You can also ask them for a review of the product or service that was purchased.

The Customer reviews is one of the important parts of any digital marketing effort. So, doing everything you can to increase the number of your reviews that you receive will pay off tremendously. And it will also encourage others to investigate your brand.

Investing in a Responsive Design

As the name suggests, the responsive design gives a description of a web page’s ability to “respond” to the display on which a recipient can view the page, and then adjust its content accordingly. For example, your home page layout may look great on the desktop display view but it may appear compressed and hard to read on a mobile screen view.

Striving for one-to-one Personalization

It is unrealistic to start expecting to connect with each individual on your email list just on a personal level, but that does not mean that you should not strive to do just that. Personalizing the emails that you have sent to each recipient on your list will increase the chances of them realizing that you value them beyond just the purchases they make. This encourages your customer advocacy, which in turn will lead to the next tip for email marketing success in the coming years.

Embrace the New Conversion Funnel

The previous conversion funnel that most of the marketers relied upon and based their core strategies upon was just a simple progression of simply narrowing down your leads to those that are most likely to be converted and then focusing on them more than the rest on your list. Instead, the new conversion funnel is more of a “gateway” that is drawing your customers in to start an investigation on your brand and then encourages them to start sharing their experiences with others, also supplying them with an additional valuable content along the way.

Working To Get Better With The Email Marketing

Social media should start working in tandem with your email marketing strategy. For example, you can do a promotion with social media events like the live streams and Q&A sessions through your email, and use your social media profile to gain more recipients for your email list. Also you can create segmented content for your users who subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list through your social media as opposed to a direct link conversions from the search engine results. The social media is also very important to the predictive marketing, one amongst most intriguing advances in the modern email marketing.

The Future of Email Marketing

The Predictive analytics collect user data and then create insightful data streams that the marketers can make use to predict what type of products, type of services, and the promotions would appeal most to all their reviewed users. The Predictive marketing can be of help to you in segmenting your email lists more precisely, so that your content will go to the people most likely to find your email valuable. Targeted content is likely to have more successful results than the generic messages that will just cast a wide net over your email list.

To Capitalize On Predictive Marketing

The first thing you need is to identify your most valuable customers. For example, just 5% of your email list may account for about 90% of your sales, while the other 95% are just one-time purchases or an infrequent repeat customers. Your efforts in the predicting of these customers’ preferences and their future desires can help you to capitalize on the most lucrative segments of your list.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also play a very crucial role in the email marketing in the nearest future. In some ways, it already does now. Systems that are capable of machine-learning can analyze the consumer behavior and then learn from past interactions to help you develop more effective marketing campaigns. The AI can empower you simply by identifying the most successful content types, the subject lines, and the calls to action that lead to the greatest number of conversions you’ll have. The AI is also a crucial tool for carefully segmenting your email marketing lists so that you can deliver more precise content that are tailored to your recipients.

Email Marketing Automation

Another key area of this innovation in the modern email marketing is the automation, or the process of delegating relatively the mundane tasks, like the sorting through of your email list segments, to machine processes instead of the human hands. It is important for you to balance the amount of automation that you use in crafting your email marketing materials.

If you rely on automation too much, your emails will appear impersonal. Too little automation, and it may be kind of difficult to properly segment your email list and to deliver the most valuable content to various types of recipients. You allowing your subscribers to manage their email preferences all by themselves is a great way to cut down on the legwork of automating your emails. Instead of you trying to carefully discern the different segments and sorting your recipients into segments, by yourself, have your recipients do the segmentation by themselves for you simply by allowing them to customize their content preferences.


You should be aware of some of the most common successful email marketing trends and then capitalize on them. First is the basic segmentation. Instead of you sending the same materials to your entire mailing list, it is vital for you to first segment your recipients. You can do this by just interaction quality, interaction frequency, or by past interactions. For example, you could develop some different email marketing materials for your customers who have already completed transactions and those who have abandoned shopping carts or have clicked away before converting.

Another crucial trend now is the move away from “desktop-based email to the mobile“. More people than ever make use of a mobile device to browse the web, to make purchases, and to interact socially. They are now also using their mobile devices to check their email more frequently than ever. After the segmentation, the mobile optimization is the second most relevant trend that is in email marketing today. It is very important that your emails display clearly on all of the devices, so take your time to consider how your materials should appear on desktop and on the mobile screens and then adjust accordingly.

The List cleansing is another very essential trick that is used for making the most of your email marketing efforts. List cleansing, as the name goes, involves the removing of email recipients who do not engage with your brand or do not open your emails at all. This process should only be an occasional process. For example, a customer who has not opened your last several emails may still find the value in your next message. On the other hand, a customer who has not opened single one of your email messages for a year or over a year may not be using the email account anymore, or your messages may have just found their way into the recipient’s spam filter.

Message personalization is another one amongst the most important trends that is in the modern email marketing. Customers are more likely to discover value in messages that are tailored to their individual preferences and the past interactions with your brand rather than just generic messages that are designed for impersonal mass appeal. There are so many tools that you can use to add some personalized touches to your email messages, and this can help to create more valuable interactions for the recipients that are on your mailing lists.

Email Marketing vs. Social Media

With statistics of 77% of consumers who prefer permission-based marketing materials sent to their email instead of to there social media marketing. This makes more sense considering the fact that most people opt-in to receive marketing emails when they make purchases from brands or when they visit their website. If the brand is offering something that is interesting or valuable to the consumer, the consumer is more likely to interact with that brand in the future, and will therefore, want to hear from them and see what bring to the table.

While you might be assuming that the majority of people do prefer to keep their business and their consumer-based digital interactions to the email and their personal communications within social media channels, 45% are reported that they preferred to keep personal conversations and their interactions in the emails rather than on social media platform.

Email Marketing, Still The Best Marketing Channel

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The Digital marketing has currently seen a dramatic transformation over the past years, and there is currently a common misconception the email marketing that it is not as effective as it used to be then. Some have a believe that the modern email marketing recipients, inundated with spam and low-value content, also ignore their messages more often than they manage to open them. While the spam bothers majority of email users, the reality still remains that email is still the most powerful form of digital marketing.

Best Email Marketing Service Providers

Social media surely arguably the most influential innovation in the recent years, and has got billions of people all over the all wide world logged into at least one of these social media platform every day. The surge that the social media make use of has encouraged businesses to start establishing the presences on these sites to engage with their customers and their potential customers in some more meaningful ways. Social media marketing can be indeed and has been tremendously very successful for some companies, but it is a mistake to start believing that it is the best avenue for you to reach your customer base.

Email Marketing – Which is The King of Marketing Channel

Findings from the Statista indicate that there are almost four billion email users in the world today. Campaign Monitor research also reported that about 72% of people would rather receive their marketing materials from brands via their email while only 17% are reported they would prefer that same content through the social media. 39% are reported that they still prefer email content that is rich in information and rich in value rather than promotional.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA ENCOURAGES MORE RELAXED INTERACTIONS. Many users today enjoy browsing photos, browsing videos, and other content from their friends and family while others make use of it to keep track of the latest news. Social media mainly encourages exploration, the clicking through of stories and the comments and participating in conversations. Most of the users generally consider promotional materials to be interruptive or to be annoying during social media sessions.

The only metric in which the social media marketing can outperforms email is the sharing. Social media hinges on making the connections and the spreadings of content via multiple feeds, thus reaching more and more potential conversion. While the average person is likely more to share content through their social media than to start forwarding a marketing email, the value the person receives from an email marketing message will possibly outshine the social media engagement with a brand.

Email Marketing Trends

Findings from the OptinMonster studies has reported that 58% of people check their email first during any time of the day before anything else, including social media profiles and their app notifications.

The People that do check their email before checking any other digital communication outlook are thought to be generally more goal-oriented than the people who just look to social media before anything else. They want to get the best deals, best promotions, and information that is available. 91% of consumers surveyed reported that they check their email at least once in a day.

Other Means of Facebook Business

Facebook photo post

Generally speaking, the photo posts gets much higher engagement than the text posts. An eye-catching photo (or illustration or infographic, any of it) is a great way for you to catch the the attention of your potential customer that is just scrolling through their news feed.

Particularly for the product focused businesses, the photos that are showing the goods in action can be very effective. For instance, carb lovers, might be stopped in their tracks as they scroll through by these photos of The Soap Dispensary’s bread baskets featuring the yummy sourdough loaves. Wow! Breathtaking!

And you really do not need to worry if you are not a professional photographer or you are selling something difficult to capture in an image: the stock photos are here to help save the day. (In fact, here we have 25 free stock photo sites that you can check out! Just make sure that you fully understand the basics of image copyright before you can start posting.)

Facebook Video Post

To count, Video posts gets even higher engagement rates than that of photo posts. Whether it is for a short and sweet video announcement or even a longer video, artfully shot video that comes with narrative, video can be very compelling.

The Vox posts its “explainer videos” right into its feed so that users can be soaked up all in the intel right there on the Facebook, and they can easily comment, and react or even repost to their feeds.

On the Facebook, you will discover that video plays automatically in the news feed, so you are all but guaranteed to catch your users’ attention. This is the perfect trap!

Facebook Live video post

If pre-recorded videos are not your kind of thing, you can try dabbling with Live.

The Facebook Live video is simply a live streamed broadcast, that is right on your Facebook Page. This medium is very popular in spring 2020, the Facebook Live viewership had an increase by 50%.

The Live video is an intimate, and an authentic way that you can connect with followers. These broadcasts can also be used for Q&As, for behind the scenes tours, for product demos and lots more.

Linked Content Post (aka link posts)

A link post is a post that is able to share a URL with your followers. You just need to paste a link into the composition box, and then a preview of the website will be automatically previewed.

It is possible for you to share a link to your website, but you could share content also from other sources, example like an interesting think piece maybe about your industry. Whatever the content is, you should make sure to add a few words of your own to your post before you tap on the Publish, doing this will give your readers some context or a takeaway.

One more thing you should keep in mind: link posts gets more engagement than the plain text posts, but considerably the engagement it gets is less than photos or videos.

Facebook Stories

Just like that of the Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are just photo or a short video posts in a vertical format that will disappear after 24 hours. The maximum for Photos to appear is just five seconds, and for videos it can be up to 20 seconds long.

The Facebook Stories lives at the top of your News Feed — which means that they are immune to the Facebook algorithm. This might be the why more than half a billion people view the Facebook Stories every day.

This Story from the 60 Second Docs, for an instance, is here today, and gone tomorrow but of a certain gives us an intriguing “sneak peek” of the content they present in the meantime.

Pinned post

A pinned post is said to be any regular Facebook post that stays put and doesn’t go at the top of your Page. This ensures that the first thing people view when they visit your Page.

Once you have created the post itself, whether it is a text post, a poll or a video post you just have to tap on the three dots located on the right hand corner. You will see the option to “pin post.” You can tell or give the time rate when a post is pinned because it say “Pinned post” right above it.

Domestika pinned post

You can make use of this feature to make sure that important news or great content do not get lost in the shuffle. It is your chance now to show your potential followers exactly why they should like your Page.

You can also change your Pinned post whenever you will like.

Facebook Watch Party

The Watch Parties are a way that you can screen a public video on your Facebook in real time, so you and your Fans and your Followers can experience it together.

This is a great method to build a buzz for your new product launch, or a world premiere of a new music video, by you making a standard video into an event.

This tips should be good enough for you!

How to Use Facebook for Business

If you are a brand and you are hoping to thrive on the social media, for you to master Facebook marketing is going to be key.

It is recorded that more than 2.8 billion people use the Facebook platform every single month. That is a huge potential eyeballs on your business.

Because here is the real thing about Facebook: while you may be thinking that it is just a place where your uncle can leave cryptic comments on the vacation picture you post, it is also a place for audiences to connect with their businesses both big and small.

In fact, two thirds of the Facebook users was reported visiting a local business Facebook Page at least once in a week.
That is right: the people are really looking for you! But if you are going to tap into this audience, you can not just rely on your luck. A good Facebook marketing strategy is very essential. You will have to keep your eyes on the prize.

Are you prepared to master the fine art of your Facebook marketing? Here are the things you need to know.

If you are working with a budget that is limited, here are some good news: for you to set up a Facebook Page for your business is totally free.

Then, once you have successful created your Page, you can now use it to create the content, you can share your contact information, share your link to your website, also you can build a product catalog and communicate with your customers. It’s all for free.

If you have some cash to spare, there is the option to use the paid marketing strategies like the Facebook ads and the sponsored posts from your Facebook Business Page, too.

Here is how:

1. Head straight to (Note: you will need to have logged in to your personal account for you to get started, but don’t worry: your personal information won’t appear on your Business Page.)

2. Now select your page type: Business/brand or the Community/public figure

3. You’ll have to enter your business details.

4. Next, upload your profile and your cover photos. Make sure that you are using the optimum image sizes for Facebook so they look at their best.

5. Tap on the Edit Page Info: here, you can start filling your description, your contact information and any other relevant details like the operating hours.

6. Tap on Create Page @Username to make your vanity URL. It can take up to 50 characters long and it will help people find you easily on Facebook.

7. Tap on the Add a Button that is located under your cover photo to set up a call to action like the “Shop” or “Contact Us.

8. You can congratulate yourself: Cos you just launched a Facebook Business Page into the world! And you know what? she’s beautiful!

Types of Facebook posts

Now that you have got a Facebook Business Page that you can call your own… it is now time to create some content.

On your Facebook, you can begin to create different kinds of posts. Each of these have their benefits and can also spark engagement in different ways. Be aware that your brand’s social media strategy and the set goals will likely impact the style of posts you will be making.

They are direct and straight to the point, but if you are setting goals to drive traffic to your website or to directly convert a lead to a sale, text posts are not a great option to choose. The social network’s algorithm also is not too fond of these kind of posts, and they usually do not get much reach in their news feed.

What the text posts are basically good for, however, is to spark conversation. Make use of a text post to ask a question or to call for feedback.

The Text posts can also be use for sharing important information to your audience that they are seeking out on your page, like “ticket availability” or “opening hours.

Best Practices for Abandoned Basket Emails

One of the bugbears for eCommerce operators is facing the problem of abandoned baskets. People will visit the site, they’ll add a product to the basket and when it is time for them to checkout and pay, they will simply abandon it.

You are now left in the dark wondering why the client did so and what you are the possibly ways to reduce this or to win the shoppers back with an email. Do not just allow them to go. Make an effort.

Statistics say it all

You will find out that 24% of shoppers will abandon the carts simply because of some the navigational hurdles or just because they are not yet ready to buy.

It was recorded that each year about $4.6 trillion worth of products were related to the abandoned carts. It is worth it for you to do a follow up with an email because technically about 28% of revenues arise from the abandoned cart emails that were re-targeted and also convinced to buy. Make no mistake. They are very effective. You can adopt these best practices for your emails to win back shoppers.

Personalized Automatic Notifications

What happens in the best eCommerce platform operations is this, everything in the platform is automated, from the acknowledging an order to the shipping to the sending out an automatic notification about an abandoned cart. The automated and the sterile email does not help. Instead, you could just take the trouble to start crafting a variety of personalized emails that will show concern for your shopper and you have to include a phone number and also questions to know why they have abandoned the cart and also what you can do to help.

Before you do this, you need to act instantly or rather, you need to be more precise, you should automate your system so that when a shopper abandons the cart and the shopper does not proceed with checkout and pay your site automatically shows a popup with a messages like this…”You are not thinking of going away are you? Please let us know and we can help you resolve the issue so you can proceed still with purchase.”

Thereafter, you need to make sure you have an email sent out within the half of an hour or an hour at the most. The shopper may still be on the site and may not have made any purchase yet. You still have a good chance of winning the shopper back.

You’ll need to follow this up with two more emails within the next 8 to 10 hours, possibly you can incorporate some reason for urgency for the shopper so the shopper can complete the transaction and offer a reward with a call to action NOW. At this junction the customers may want to call and talk on the phone to get an immediate answer. Be ready and available.

Emotive appeal: This is something like telling the shopper how much you value the shopper and how it would sadden you if they lose the order so if they can please revisit the basket and go through.

A shopper may just choose to leave a cart pending because something else just came up. In this case just a gentle nudge may pull the trick and tip them over. You could simply email them with contents that are talking about the product and surely that the buyer placed them in the cart because it was needful?
You can make use of the psychological need trick of impressing upon the buyer telling them that the quantity of items in stock is low and if they do not grab it, someone else will grab it.

Subtly remind the shopper that he/she could be missing a great opportunity by stating just how many people patronized and have bought the same item during the last 24 hours. And you can also include a few testimonials from your users to show people just how proud and happy they are to have bought that thing.

Don’t use a sign off with something like BigCart Team. Instead, you should add a human touch like you can start the letter by simply introducing yourself, giving your phone number, and then you sign off with your name.