6 Reasons Your Organic Traffic is Declining

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Table of Contents

  • Website Recently Changed
  • Google’s Most Recent Changes
  • Ranking Pages Dropped Off Index
  • Recent Changes in Google SERP
  • The number of backlinks and referring domains drops
  • You have un-optimized alt tags for your images on your website

Website Recently Changed

It’s possible that’s what’s going to happen. Sometimes even a small change to a website can have a significant impact on traffic. It’s possible that your SEO traffic has fluctuated if you’ve recently changed your website’s URLs (or moved them to another location), switched to a different JavaScript framework, or updated all of your title tags. You may have noticed a large fluctuation in your readings because of one or more of these factors.

Google’s Most Recent Changes

When it comes to SEO traffic, a recent Google algorithm update may be to blame for the decrease. Google is well-known for regularly releasing updates to its ranking algorithm in order to better serve searchers and eliminate spam. However, it’s hard to tell what kind of Google update just occurred. Penguin and Panda are two of the most common penalties imposed by Google on websites. Penguin is designed to target link farms, while Panda aims to combat content spam.

Ranking Pages Dropped Off Index

It’s possible that some of your high-ranking pages were accidentally dropped from Google’s index. Check the Index Status Report in your search console account to see if any of your website URLs have suddenly stopped being indexed. The URLs may have been disallowed or not indexed through robots.txt, Meta tags on the page, or HTTP headers if this is found to be the case. If this is the case, you need to get on top of these issues right away.

Recent Changes in Google SERP

The SERP features report from Moz can help you find out whether or not Google has made any significant changes to its SERP. Google has a reputation for quickly changing the way its search results are displayed. A local pack can be added to the search results, or relevant queries can be shown directly in the results. You should be aware that any or all of these changes will reduce your organic search traffic.

The number of backlinks and referring domains drops

The backlinks to your website may have been deleted for a variety of reasons. In turn, the decrease in website traffic followed. Additionally, some of the backlinks may no longer be accessible. Choose Ahrefs for a bird’s eye view of your backlinks’ problems. A great way to see if you’ve lost any backlinks or referring domains is by using this tool.

You have un-optimized alt tags for your images on your website

Your SEO efforts will benefit greatly from the use of images. Marketers, on the other hand, frequently fail to take this into account. Users can find your images in the images tab if they are SEO-optimized.

The process of optimizing images is straightforward. There are only two things left to do for each image on your website: alt text and a file title. In the ‘Alt’ and ‘title’ fields, you should include the keywords you want to rank for. It will help Google rank you higher for the searches your target audience conducts in your area.


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