Mailinator, a Service for Temporary Email Addresses

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Mailinator is a no-cost disposable email service that provides email addresses with the domain. Use your Mailnator address to register for websites, register software, post to message boards, or in any other situation that requires an email address but does not require you to provide your real address.


  • Addresses are simple to use and do not require any configuration.
  • There is no link to your legitimate email address.
  • When addresses are blocked, alternate domain names are available.
  • Infinite email addresses.
  • Log in to a Mailinator account using the username and password.


  • Mailinator is only useful if you don’t want to receive mail.
  • All Mailinator mail is public, which means that anyone can view the emails sent there.
  • Emails sent to Mailinator are transient and will be deleted within a few hours.

Mailinator’s primary advantage is that the addresses you create are unrelated to your real email address. As a result, if registration email lists fall into the hands of spammers (whether accidentally, as a result of hacking, or as a result of a list being sold to spammers), you are protected from receiving spam.

Create a Mailinator Address

A benefit of using Mailinator is that there is no setup or registration required. You are not even required to visit the Mailinator website in order to create an account. Simply create an alias with the domain and use it immediately (for example, [email protected]).

View Mailinator Emails

To access mail sent to your disposable addresses, navigate to the Mailinator public inbox. Due to the fact that nobody uses a password, Mailinator is only useful when you do not wish to communicate. All mail sent to Mailinator is public, which means that any message sent there can be viewed by anyone.

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