B2B Sales Triggers for surpassing sales quotas

Prospecting for sales is commonplace among sales reps. Every day, sales reps contact their targeted prospects. Do they reach the right people at the right time? B2B sales triggers can help sales reps here.

Timing is crucial in sales. With the right timing, you can close more sales and exceed sales quotas. When is the right time? It’s when your customers need you the most. How did you know? This is where successful salespeople stand out.

Smart sales reps always keep an eye out for changes or events in their prospects’ industries. They see change as an opportunity. They call it B2B sales triggers.

They reach out to the most likely buyers as soon as they identify a sales trigger. It helps them close more sales and exceed quotas.

5 B2B Sales Triggers to Beat Sales Quotas

Here are some B2B sales triggers to help you beat quotas.

1. New C-Suite Executives

A change in the target company’s C-suite is a great B2B sales trigger. Especially in their new role, C-level decision makers want to excel. They would welcome new ideas and strategies, as well as innovative solutions and services, to help them grow in their role.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find C-level executives who have recently changed jobs. You can also receive industry news alerts.

2. Employers actively hiring

A rise in hiring indicates a company’s expansion. It also shows the company has money to spend. So it’s one of the best B2B sales triggers sales reps should look out for.

Instead of reaching out to all prospects, target those actively hiring to increase sales conversions. Build a list of hiring companies, identify decision makers, get their business email and phone numbers, and contact them.

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to track company headcount growth and build a list of CEOs/VPs in growing companies, or get a list of companies actively hiring.

3. Existing Customer Promotion/Job Change

A satisfied customer follows you wherever she goes. When a customer moves to a new company, you get an immediate sale. They already know you, your company, and your product or service. Get that sale with little effort. All you need to do is keep an eye out for this B2B sales trigger and reach out to them.

A promotion to a prospect can also be a sales trigger. Maybe she liked your product but didn’t have the power to buy it. She may have a say in decisions after being promoted to a C-level position. So don’t miss out on this B2B sales trigger.

Job Change Finder helps you find out who has changed jobs or been promoted. To find prospects who have moved to new companies, simply import your contacts from your CRM into Job Change Finder. You can quickly reach them and make sales.

4. Unhappy with current vendor

This is an implicit buying signal. You will find out during a conversation or debate. Dissatisfied customers can be found on Trust Radius, Capterra, G2Crowd, etc. You can also use Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit to find out if your prospect is unhappy with their current vendor. You must fully comprehend their situation and suggest the best ways in which your product can assist them.

5. Firms recently funded

Companies receiving investor funding are likely to expand. A new and innovative idea or tool may help them grow faster. This is usually publicized, so many of your competitors will contact newly funded companies. You must act quickly to take advantage of this buying signal. Find recently funded companies on Angelist, Crunchbase, and Indeed Job Postings.

In Conclusion

So, B2B sales triggers are great ways to reach prospects at the right time with the right message and convert them to customers. But you must seize those opportunities before your competitors.

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