What Are the FastMail SMTP Server Configuration Options?

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Are you looking for the FastMail SMTP server configuration for email sending? They are in our possession.

FastMail’s SMTP server settings for sending email from any email program are as follows:

  • Mail.messagingengine.com is the FastMail SMTP server address.
  • FastMail SMTP user name: Your complete FastMail email address (including “@fastmail.fm” or a specific domain name, for example).
  • Your FastMail SMTP password
  • SMTP port for FastMail: 465 (alternative: 587)
  • TLS/SSL required for FastMail SMTP: yes (with port 587: no)
  • No STARTTLS required for FastMail SMTP: (with port 587: yes)

FastMail SMTP does not support legacy guest and member accounts; in this case, use your ISP’s or another free email service’s SMTP server.

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