Free Email Accounts for Email Anonymity

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The following is a list of the best free email services that enable you to send anonymous emails. While some sites may request personal information during signup, this is typically done to assist you in recovering your account if you forget your password.

  • 5yMail
  • GuerillaMail
  • Anonymouse
  • Send Anonymous Email
  • W-3 Anonymous Remailer


Each email sent from 5yMail includes an advertisement at the bottom and allows you to send to a single recipient at a time. Upgrade to 5yMail’s paid service if you require a response to your email or wish to attach files to emails sent to multiple recipients.


GuerillaMail provides a free, temporary email address that is self-destructing. There is no requirement for personal information. Use it once or until you encounter spam, at which point you should delete the account. Download the app if you have an Android mobile device.


Anonymouse enables you to send an email without providing any personally identifiable information. That is not to say that you can send whatever you want; therefore, be aware of the legal ramifications before sending an email that may be illegal.

Send Anonymous Email

Send Anonymous Email features a straightforward interface that allows you to enter the recipient’s address, subject, and message. There is no need for additional information. The site warns that if you send death threats, abuse, slander, or anything else illegal, your IP address will be published and you will be blocked from the site.

W-3 Anonymous Remailer

The W-3 Anonymous Remailer email template includes fields for the recipient’s email address, a subject, and a message.

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