Link Building As An Important Marketing Strategy

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Link building used to be all about number rather than quality.

Today? Building links is a totally different game.

It’s crucial to understand that link building isn’t a quick process. It’s a slow and steady process—at least, if done correctly.

The quality and authority of the pages where you generate links are important factors in how high you will rank in search engine results.

Link building is a search engine optimization approach that helps you get higher rankings in search engines. One of the main ways that search engine algorithms judge the relevancy of a page is through links. A large number of links to a website suggests that the material is worthwhile. Both external and internal linking increases your website’s exposure. Furthermore, connecting aids the crawling of your site by Google and other search engines.

When it comes to link building, what factors are important to consider?

The following elements influence how useful a link is to your ranking:

  • Popularity on a global scale:

Popular websites obtain more external links. Because so many websites link to it, Wikipedia frequently appears near the top of search results for a variety of topics.

Local popularity refers to inbound connections from sites that are comparable to yours. For example, if you own a shoe store and a popular shoe blog links to it, search engines will give it more weight than if the connection came from a completely unrelated website.

When someone links to your clothing business with “clothing store” as the anchor text, search engines understand that your website is a good resource for clothing. However, if the anchor text that directs visitors to a page repeatedly employs the same keywords, search engines may assume spamming practices.

When the context of a link is directly related to the topic of your website, it is more valuable. The transition from the current page to the one to which you’ve linked should be smooth.

  • From where the link originates:

Links from credible websites hold more weight than links from untrustworthy sources. A link from Google’s official blog, for example, will be more authority than one from a personal WordPress site. Search engines have methods for weeding out spam and irrelevant content, and Google has a ranking algorithm that assigns a reputability score to specific Web pages.

What is the process of link building?

Internal and external links are the two most common techniques to build links to your website. Because external links come from other websites, they are more difficult to gain. Internal linking is simple to begin because it is entirely up to you. To enhance your use of internal links and raise SEO for your business, all it takes is a little effort and smart planning.

The method of linking to pages other than your homepage or contact page is known as deep linking. At least one text link should lead to each page on your website (1). Rather than just referring people to your homepage, increase your internal links by linking to important blog posts and product pages.

Maintaining a blog can help you build internal links by giving you more opportunity to link back to certain items or internal sites. Don’t forget to include links from your social media networks.

The best technique for gaining external links is to generate excellent site content. You can also contact bloggers and other influencers to inquire about guest blogging on their website. Never use black hat SEO techniques, such as paying for links because the links are from spammy websites, this backfires.

Why link building is important

Backlinks are still extremely important. If you want to keep your SEO strategy effective and long-term, you can’t ignore backlinks.

The higher the quality and relevance of a website’s backlinks, the more Google traffic it will receive.

Furthermore, we have seen the development of new linking methodologies in recent years, which have improved the relevance of backlinks.

The goal is to learn to follow the most recent changes in the ranking algorithm as well as the most recent changes in link-building.

As a result, firms that use the same techniques they used 20 years ago may not achieve the same results.


After learning the value of link building, you’ll see why it’s one of the most important marketing methods for boosting your website’s traffic.

As a result, if you want to use SEO to boost your online visibility, you’ll need to devote some time and money to link-building.

Furthermore, it is still a critical component of Google’s ranking system. As a result, when paired with other parts of SEO, it has the potential to have a substantial impact on ranking and traffic.

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