Top Content Marketing Tools

1. was included in our initial list for a reason: it’s the ideal free tool for getting started with keyword research.

There will be one or two roadblocks. You’ll need to create a free account before you can begin tinkering. And it may take some practice before you master the art of comparing keywords to generate insights into search engine behavior.

Once you’re comfortable with the concept of conducting keyword research to generate content, you may want to upgrade to a more robust tool, such as Moz.

2. Canva

It’s never a bad idea to incorporate visual elements into your content. Canva remains one of the most powerful tools for quickly creating visually appealing elements without requiring a degree in graphic design. Here, you can work with templates to create advertisements, charts, and social media images, among other things. There is one caveat: it is a little too enjoyable for its own good.

3. Campaign Monitor

Does this sound familiar? In terms of email marketing and automation tools, this is a convenient and cost-effective way to get started. And one thing is certain: you will require an email platform. Not only are opt-in email lists one of the most effective ways to market to your loyal customers, but they’re also easier to build than ever.

4. Evernote

Have you ever wondered how the best content manages to compile a plethora of interesting tidbits and nuggets of information? Perhaps the writers and researchers are utilizing a program such as Evernote.

Evernote is a convenient tool for quickly taking notes on anything you see online that may be worth mentioning in your latest content. With Evernote’s premium version, you can clip quotes from the web, add your own thoughts via “Rich notes,” and even annotate research-heavy PDFs.

5. Follerwonk

If you have a sizable Twitter following but your posts are not generating much engagement, you may require additional insights. Follerwonk is the precise antidote. It analyzes your social media audience to determine their interests, assisting you in focusing on topics that are more likely to generate meaningful engagement.

6. Trello

When it appeared as though the entire world had gone remote in 2020, one thing became abundantly clear: we required effective methods for managing our professional lives. Trello is a critical component of this department. Its workspace and project management tools enable you to see an entire workflow from start to finish, even when managing a team of people.

When an assignment is created in a “card,” it is automatically updated for everyone who has been invited to the card. Consider it a way to connect everyone to the same assignments without feeling as if you’re herding cats.

7. CoSchedule

Like comedy, content marketing is all about timing. It would be counterproductive to publish an epic “The Ultimate Guide to Widgets, Part II” post prior to the release of “Part I.”

CoSchedule is a centralized calendar and planning tool that enables you to view your entire content strategy in the same way that you would plan a campaign in general. Additionally, it’s simple to integrate multiple team members if you require contributions from content pipeline writers and editors.

8. Grammarly

Not sure whether it’s “It’s” or “It’s”? Not sure if you typed “your” when you meant “you’re” by accident? You have no idea whether a single spelling or grammatical error will undermine the credibility of the brilliant points you’re making.

You are not required to have an editor following you around, meticulously scanning your every word. Grammarly automatically detects a wide variety of blunders. Its premium version assists in scanning for clarity issues that, when corrected, can spruce up your content.


Often, the art of content marketing boils down to one question: how interesting are you? Scoop. It enables you to curate some of the most intriguing content available on the web. As a result, your own content marketing presence becomes a must-follow.

Scoop enables you to curate and publish curated content.

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