You Can’t Use Marketing As a Guessing Game

We understand that – like any of the other profession – marketing is not magic and viral is not a strategy. Rather, there is a process that it follows to build momentum, to gain traction, and to gain results. But starting with the industry best practices, we can develop and also implement the best roadmap to achieving your business results.

In our today’s rapidly changing world, there is a significant role to carry out experimentation. And it is important to listen to a variety of perspectives in order for you to maintain agile.

But you should know that experimentation is not a substitute for guessing.

As marketers, we have extensive experience and extensive knowledge in what moves the human behavior: qualitative and the quantitative. That experience is just the starting point for a successful strategic implementation.

Marketing is not a guessing game. It is not simply just having an opinion. The fact that I have an opinion about the baseball does not make me a legend hall-of-fame pitcher. Or even a member of the minor leagues. Self-diagnosis does not make you a qualified doctor.

It is a profession, that we have invested hundreds of hours in making researches, the education, and the implementation. It is only by bringing our background knowledge to the table that we can start helping your business expand.

Social Media and Conversation

The Social media a great tool for sparking and for building on conversations. It all begins with the content marketing and the right choice of the social media platform to facilitate the exchange. People are known to be innately social beings who crave connection and also interaction. The social media has been that link that enables businesses to possibly leverage personas and humanize their brands to their target audience. For you to humanize the brand is for you to act just like a friend to the consumer. One they are pretty familiar with and find easily relatable.

Hence, instead of you always selling on these platforms, the goal here should be to build a community. By driving conversations with the current consumer trends, the educating, showing behind-the-scenes moments making use of appealing images and videos. And also setting the brand up in the consumer’s mind as the preferred choice. We can see a good example on the platforms such as the Twitter. Where brands such as the Cowry wise or the Piggy vest leverage trends and they share jokes with the consumers.

Community Engagement

A community is a group of people that are connected by a single cause or an attribute. Some elements have linked people together. A growth strategy as a marketer is for you to create a community around a business or around a particular product. The Community engagement helps in building loyalty as it feeds directly into the needs of the consumer.

The conversation is no “one-way” street with the consumer. As they are in tune with the happenings and the works of the business. For instance, the Disney company has a strong community within the entertainment industry.

All these strategies available enable a business to reach the customers. And reach them more precisely and more effectively.


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