10 free marketing tools every freelancers will like

Though freelancing can be very rewarding and demanding, part of the challenge is the ability to effectively manage your marketing to yield high returns.

Thanks to technology, you can now have access to free marketing tools and improve your reach as a freelancer as well as improve your skills. Here are ten tools that can help you do just that:

Google Analytics

As a freelancer, you will need to pay attention to your website traffic. However, monitoring traffic may seem like a difficult task. With Google Analytics, you can determine your traffic stream and campaign success. That way, you can determine what campaigns are bringing in the most success and make necessary changes.


Hotjar helps you with your website optimisation. It’s a common marketing tool for startups. With Hotjar, you can tell just how well your website is doing with its heat maps. You can also find ways to optimize your website’s landing page and product pages.


Project management is an indispensable aspect of any business. In complex situations where tasks need to be assigned, emails are often the announcement platform. As a freelancer, Trello is just that. By keeping project management and collaboration simplified, it is an excellent freelancing marketing app.


Email marketing has proven to be the foundational marketing strategy for popular companies and businesses. A great freelancing email tool is MailChimp. You can optimize your emailing campaign to over 2000 subscribers and send out over 12,000 emails per day with MailChimp.


Most email marketing strategies realise the potential that social media marketing offers. With a significant part of the online population there, your freelancing could not be better promoted than on social media. Buffer is a tool that can help you regulate your posting schedule there, as well as send reminders and give you shorter links on platforms like Twitter where that is necessary.


Canva may seem to be just a design tool, but it contains over 400 website templates that you can pick from. This comes with a premium for an upgrade, but the free templates afford an originality to your work that you most certainly need as a freelancer.


Blogging connects a lot of people, and perhaps WordPress is known as the tool for that. However, it comes with additional features like website design and professional email tools. These could go a long way towards distinguishing you from your competitors.


Wistia is a video editing tool. In today’s marketing world, making catchy, informative videos is a necessity. Wistia helps you do just that by providing a video hosting platform for you to create videos, video podcasts, and other visual content you intend to share.


An active email list that you interact with is priceless as a freelancer. This completely free email capture tool allows you to do just that while providing you with excellent email analytics as well.


Independent of your niche, branding is a crucial part of your freelancing journey. Given the competition even in your areas of expertise, you cannot ignore the necessary benefits of great brand messaging. TalkWalker helps you expand your digital footprint by notifying you when your brand is mentioned across popular social media platforms. It also provides you with cool hashtags to stay relevant online.


With traditional marketing getting replaced by smarter options, part of leveraging this as a freelancer is to improve your marketing for free using great marketing tools online.

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