What is an Email Autoresponder?

You can learn how to use the email autoresponders for your marketing and you can create your first one with the SendPulse

An Email Autoresponder is simply a series of messages that is sent automatically to a mailing list based on the specific rules at defined intervals.

The process may begin after a user have subscribed to the sender’s email list or it may begin when a particular condition is met.

Contents of the email autoresponder you should know

1. Knowing the purpose of an email autoresponder
2. Advantages of the email autoresponders
3. How does an email autoresponder work?
4. And how to create an email autoresponder series

Email Autoresponder Examples

Marketers make use of the email autoresponder functionality to send both their promotional and educational content at the right time without doing much work. With each of the email series, the sender should set out to go and address the concerns of their prospects and then emphasize on the benefits of their businesses, their products or services.

How about an example? A marketer can just set an email autoresponders so that in 5 minutes time after someone joins the mailing list, they will receive a welcome email. Then, if the subscribers happens to share their birthdates, the company sends them a birthday email with a unique offer attached. Besides, the marketers use the email autoresponder to send emails that are predefined by subscribers’ action.

What is the purpose of an email autoresponder?

An email autoresponder series enables the companies to start building trust with their prospects. Email autoresponders get a recipient to open their promotional emails, to visit websites, and eventually to make a purchase. Most sites make use of the email autoresponders to provide their subscribers with the most relevant offers at the right time. Besides, this automation tech is helpful in eliminating mistakes caused by human error when the email scheduling is needed.

Advantages of email autoresponders

1. Turn new visitors into subscribers
2. Establish stable and long-term relationships with subscribers
3. Ensure continuous advertising without hiring new staff
4. Offer immediate follow-up
5. Create repeat sales
6. Direct customers to websites or blogs
7. Help marketers access measurable results
8. Ensure better delivery of marketing emails
9. Help marketers increase brand awareness

The Email autoresponders come bearing gifts for marketers. Here are the things that they can do:

Turn new visitors into subscribers

The Email autoresponders offer an excellent communication line with your new visitors on a website. The Marketers provide more valuable offers in these email series that will entice the visitors to submit their names and their email addresses. In exchange, the users receive exciting offers, that includes even free reports, the trial offers, the no-obligation consultation, and much more.

You can browse hundreds of professionally-designed templates for new ideas and for quick implementation.

Also there are templates that welcome, that educate, that promotes, sell, and also celebrate.

There is still customize templates that is already sets for that greeting, follow-up, and converting subscribers.

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