Email Marketing Statistics In 2021 That You Should Know

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You’re preoccupied with starting or expanding your business. It would help if you believed that every dollar spent on marketing is worthwhile.

You’ve already learned a little bit about how small businesses are using email marketing to boost sales, attract new customers, and engage your existing customers.

Is email marketing, however, really worthwhile? Is email still valuable for generating sales, with more digital marketing choices than ever before, such as social media marketing and Google Ads?

If you want to develop your ideas and build a long-term business, email marketing is well worth the investment.

Here are Ten Email Marketing Statistics that show how important email marketing is for any business.

1. Email marketing provides a $42 return on investment (ROI) for every dollar invested.

Email marketing is profitable. You should expect a $42 return on investment for every $1 you spend on email marketing. That’s a better return than you’ll get from any other form of marketing, digital or not.

Although there are several advantages to email marketing for small businesses, the return on investment keeps you in business.

2. Every day, billions of emails are sent.

To be precise, 306 billion. By the end of 2024, this amount is projected to increase to 361 billion.

Even though there are more ways to contact customers than ever before, email remains one of the most common communication methods.

3. Email is used all over the world.

Email is used by over 4 billion people, or more than half of the world’s population, according to Radicati’s 2020 Email Statistics survey.

And it keeps increasing; By 2024, it is expected that another half a billion people will be using email.

The simple truth is that your customers use email regularly. Make certain that you are as well.

4. Email is helpful to your business

Email marketing, according to 80% of professionals, drives consumer acquisition and retention. This implies that more customers will come to you with their needs and stick with you when those needs arise again. “If you are not growing, then you’re dying,” as the saying goes.

5. Email marketing is more likely than social media marketing to produce sales.

While social media marketing is an important tool for increasing your brand, it pales compared to email marketing when it comes to driving sales.

Sixty percent of customers claim they’ve purchased as a result of receiving a marketing email. When you compare that to the 12.5 percent of customers who claim they’d consider using the ‘shop’ button on social media, it’s clear who’s winning.

Although social media is significant, having people sign up for your email list is still the gold standard in marketing.

6. Email allows you to connect with your clients as quickly as possible.

You would assume that because of its immediacy, social media has surpassed email as the best way to reach out to new and existing customers. However, the fact is that 21% of emails are opened within the first hour of delivery.

By the end of the third hour, the number has risen to nearly 41%.

The bottom line: Email is a fast and easy way to communicate with your audience.

7. Automation improves the smartness of email marketing and saves you a lot of time.

The ability to use automation is one of the main advantages of email marketing. Simple automation will help you find and retain more customers, such as sending an automated welcome email when someone subscribes to your list or sending an email alert to customers who have abandoned their digital shopping carts to finish shopping and check out.

According to 30% of professionals polled, the greatest advantage of marketing automation was the time it saves them.

8. Customers are happy to hear from you.

Daily promotional emails are preferred by 61% of customers. Emails should be sent more regularly, according to 38% of respondents.

Keep this in mind the next time you’re worried about turning off clients by sending so many emails.

9. Segmentation and personalization increase the effectiveness of email.

Via email segmentation, email marketing allows for smarter, more effective marketing. To make your emails more personal and important to your readers, use segmentation to send different content to your contact list segments.

The probability of clicking on a link inside an email is increased by 50% when the email is segmented. As you would expect, more clicks mean more eyes on your website and online store, translating to more sales.

10. You’ll be able to reach out to people who are on their phones.

Since 2011, the percentage of emails opened on mobile devices has risen by over 100%. Smartphones are here to stay, and the majority of your clients are likely to have one. Marketers are frantically trying to figure out how to attract smartphone devices. Fortunately, email marketing is still a simple and affordable alternative.

Mobile devices now account for about 60% of all email opens. You will meet your customers where they are — on their phones — through email.

What will email do for your company now that you’ve seen the email marketing statistics?

These email marketing statistics show how helpful email can be to your business. If you want to maximize the number of customers you have or improve your current customer relationships, email marketing will provide you with the resources you need.


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