How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

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Potential customers have received hundreds of thousands of emails all with the same pitch. Your message has to fight hard to get the reader’s attention. The rate at which an email is opened depends on a number of very specific factors. The most crucial factors in determining whether or not an email will be opened are the subject line, keywords, and time of sending. Let’s figure out what factors are most relevant in predicting an email’s click-through rate.

  • Set The Offers Right
  • Keep A Short Subject Line
  • Make Your Email Subject Line Catchy
  • Over Promotion Kills
  • Choose The Right Time To Shoot
  1. Set The Offers Right

If you want people to sign up for your newsletters, you need to deliver on what you offer and what they anticipate on a regular basis. No amount of email marketing promoting your company’s latest product launch will sway readers who have already subscribed to your most recent blog posts. They want to be updated simply on the most recent blog posts or news. Make sure your subscription page clearly outlines the benefits your subscribers will receive.

  1. Keep A Short Subject Line

After the sender’s name, the subject line is the single most important factor in whether or not an email gets opened. An effective subject line condenses your idea into a few words and gets it across to the reader. A lengthy subject line not only reduces the amount of room available, but it also provides less opportunity for interaction. Contrarily, a headline that is concise and to the point tends to draw in more readers almost immediately after it is displayed. Subject lines for emails should be kept short; 50 characters is the recommended maximum.

  1. Make Your Email Subject Line Catchy

Your email will succeed or fail based, secondarily, on how creative and attention-grabbing its subject line is. The most read article is the one with the most attention-grabbing headline. If you want a response to your email, make sure the subject line is interesting and thought-provoking. Writing a compelling subject line for an email can increase the likelihood that its contents will be read. An effective subject line will make references to the sender’s name, the email’s content, and the goods or services being advertised.

  1. Over Promotion Kills

Emails can be both instructional and promotional in nature. Find a happy medium between the two for the best results. Experts recommend aiming for a 90-10 split between promotional and informative material in your emails. Telling people about your service or product is excellent, but doing it for an extended period of time is a tremendous letdown. Don’t make your newsletter read like a brochure. Start with the education and then the invitation to the transaction.

  1. Choose The Right Time To Shoot

Email marketing, like other forms of online advertising, relies heavily on the value of one’s time. There is a strong correlation between the timing of sending and the rate of responses. For the purpose of gauging audience reaction, it is advisable to prepare many schedules. Organize it into weekdays, weekends, twice daily, etc. segments. Check the ideal days for sending letters.

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